Bright Gold style open bezel Resin pendants

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These pretty pendants are set with rose petals and gold flakes in a bright gold coloured open bezel. 

Each pendant is unique and and comes with a black wax cord that creates a lovely a necklace. Each shaped pendant is made with clear resin which allows the rose petal and gold flakes to stand out. 

Each pendant measures-

Teardrop- 2cm wide by 3.4cm long

Large rectangle- 2cm wide by 4.3cm long

Small diamond- 2.4cm wide by 3.3cm long

Moon- 2cm wide by 3.5cm long

Triangle- 2cm wide by 3.5cm long

Small rectangle- 2cm wide by 2.5cm long

Large Diamond- 5cm wide by 5cm long

At the moment there is only 1 of each shape available in this coloured bezel so please select the shape you want form the drop down menu. 

Due to the hand-made nature of my items, please be aware that there may be slight 'imperfections' such as micro-bubbles, uneven edging and micro-cavities. These are not considered faulty or defective and do not detract from the overall piece, they are just signatures of handmade items not produced in factories.