Black and Gold filled Antique Gold shaped Neclaces

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These fun pendant shapes are filled with black resin and gold flakes set into clear resin, making them easy to match other pieces in your personal collection. 

Each shape is finished with a layer of UV resin to give it a lovely shine and to let the gold flakes sparkle. The pendants come with an 18 inch black wax cord to make a fab necklace for you or as a treat for someone else. 

Each shape are the following measurements-

Heart-3cm Wide by 3.2 cm Long

Large Arrow-2cm Wide by 4cm Long

Long Triangle-2cm Wide by 3.5cm Long

Small Triangle- 3cm Wide by 2.5cm Long

Oval- 2.4cm Wide by 3.2cm Long

Moon- 2.5cm wide by 2.5cm Long

Teardrop- 2cm Wide by 3.3cm Long

Circle- 2.7cm in Diameter

Select which shape you would like from the dropdown menu but be aware that there is only 1 pendant per shape available at the moment. 

 Due to the hand-made nature of my items, please be aware that there may be slight 'imperfections' such as micro-bubbles, uneven edging & micro-cavities. These are not considered faulty or defective and do not detract from the overall piece, they are just signatures of handmade items not produced in factories